Hot Beat is a Swedish pop duo formed in 2020 and consists of Allan & Maria Gutheim, music veterans from the 1980s disco and synth waves. Their first musical collaboration since the 1990s is the self-titled album Hot Beat, a personal mix of electronic synth-pop and modern dance beats. The ambition of the music is to spread joy and energy.

Allan Gutheim is an electronic music composer and producer, born November 13, 1962 in Stockholm, Sweden. His parents are originally from Paris, France, but moved to Sweden in the 1950s. Classically trained, with 15 years of study in Piano, Music theory and Composition. He has written music for films, theatres, ballets, art exhibitions, and multimedia productions since 1977. Gutheim's production also comprises books about music theory and the Swedish music industry.

Maria Gutheim (born Lindstedt) was born on September 15, 1966 in Linköping, but raised in Örebro, Sweden. She has several years of studies in piano, song and music theory. During the 1990s she performed as a keyboardist and singer on stage and on some phonograms.

Allan & Maria are married since 1990. They have three children together, Alexandra (1991), Paula (1993) and Nathalie (1995). In 1994 the couple started Real Time Music. They also own and operate Toy World Sweden – an experience museum which they founded in 1999.

All Hot Beat's music is written and performed by Allan & Maria Gutheim, produced by Allan Gutheim at Real Time Music Recording Studio and released by Real Time Music.