Hot Beat

A personal mix of electronic synth-pop and modern dance beats

"Well produced and nice melodies." (Slim Vic, DJ)

"Love especially the acid synth in the background. Nice work!" (Unity Radio)

"You feel the pulse right from the start. You want to dance! The synths come in and create a nice dynamic." (Embrace The Music)

"We really like this; you cleary have production talent." (Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B)

"I love the 80s vibes!" (Stranger Things Filming)

"Clean production, solid beat and hooking melodies with classic synths, an energetic combination not to pass!" (Synthpop Your World)

"Great ideas, nice production and some really cool samples." (Synthwave Sounds)

"Got me swaying around." (The Sound Sniffer)

"Lots of people will love this." (Various Small Flames)